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As your personal coach I will help you utilize your brain to solve problems, feel better and achieve your goals. You will learn to embrace your strengths and your weaknesses and how to create the life you truly want.

A life coach is having a friend that has your best interest in mind; wisdom and no judgement or expectations. As a coach, I come from love and belief for who YOU want to be in the future. Every conversation with your coach is a chance to experience a reset of what is possible.

One single shift in your thoughts can pivot you in a different direction. You have these shifts over and over and they can become your beliefs. You can change your beliefs, weight, marriage, sex life, income, your schedule or anything. We will help you retrain your brain on the things that are possible.

We are two friends sitting on a couch looking at your brain. We will not spend a lot of time divulging or dwelling in the past. We focus the present and your future self.


Elizabeth L.

After 10 weeks of working with Kathy, I handle my relationships so differently.  I learned to let go of the things I can not control and just love all the rest.

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We are the creators of our lives through our thoughts, feelings and actions. Many of us go through life unintentionally thinking that life just happens to us. It changes everything when we learn to let go of the things outside of our control.