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How to feel self-confident in doing something you have never done before.
Learn the difference between what you can control and what you can't.

Stop living in overwhelm, confusion or worry.

How to feel more comfortable doing uncomfortable things.

 How do love your husband and accept him without him changing one thing.

How to not beat feel guilty about the decisions your children or spouse are making.

How to find real happiness with yourself and in your relationships.

what can you expect in personal weekly coaching

What if I told you in 12 weeks you could feel totally different in your relationships? 

intentional and clear in actions

genuine love and desire

confident in your decisions

exhuasted and overworked

lonely and feeling unloved 

worry, doubt and confusion


Go from

— jenny k.

i have never felt more connected to my spouse and so much less angry.  

• Weekly personal 45 minute coaching sessions with Kathy

• Voxer or Marco Polo (client's personal choice) support daily

• Free access to all of Kathy's online courses for life

Personal 12 week coaching:

What's included:



Personal 12 week coaching:

 Weekly instruction and personal coaching with emphasis on intimacy and creating more desire in your marriage.

• Voxer or Marco Polo (client's choice) support daily

Intimacy 6 week package 

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